Tennis – Fast Paced and Fashion Conscious

Tennis is one of the biggest, most competitive and glamorous sports in the world, and 2008 looks set to be a vintage year for the sport, with an exceptional standard of tennis across the major tournaments already this summer. Whether it’s been a match from the well established stars on the tour to the new up and coming talents, this season has given all tennis fans something to smile about.

Who can forget THAT Wimbledon men’s singles final? In years to come, we may look back at the history books and determine that it was on Sunday 6th July that signaled the changing of the guard for the title of world’s greatest tennis player, as Rafael Nadal finally became the first man to beat Roger Federer on grass, and end his 59-match unbeaten run. It was truly a Wimbledon epic and worthy of any Grand-Slam tournament final, and will live long in the memory for many years to come.

With all this excitement, tennis is set to be one of the hot sports of the summer and not just for the British who suddenly find themselves with both ladies’ and men’s hopefuls for the future. We can look forward to more thrilling matches from Andy Murray and his brother Jamie, who are competing together in the men’s doubles in the upcoming Beijing Olympics. British tennis fans also have a new face to cheer as fans eagerly wait for more from Laura Robson, the 14 year old tennis hopeful who made her mark by winning the Wimbledon junior title in the women’s singles.

As the football season takes a break in the summer, the popularity of tennis at grass roots level always soars. This year’s much improved weather in the UK has also helped, and across cities and towns you can see local tennis courts packed out with players of all ages old trying their best to imitate Roger Federer’s forehand or Venus Williams’ serve. Tennis has also always had its personalities who express their own unique styles and fashion sense on the court, which is often replicated by amateur players.

Whether it’s Rafael Nadal’s vest top with long past-the-knee shorts, Roger Federer’s cardigan or Serena Williams’ rain jacket you don’t have to look hard to see the fashions made famous by the players being copied across a tennis court near you.

Some players try a fashion accessory which is slightly more subtle than the traditional sweat band or baseball cap, and instead sport a tennis bracelet. First made famous in 1987 by glamorous tennis star Chris Evert, the tennis bracelet is a string of dazzling diamonds worn around the wrist. Prior to 1987, tennis bracelets were previously known as in-line bracelets, because it is, essentially, a line of diamonds around your wrist. During a match in 1987 Chris Evert’s in-line bracelet broke, scattering diamonds around the court and buying her time to recover her breath and eventually go on to win the match. Since then in-line bracelets have been known as tennis bracelets and have become synonymous with style, elegance and the summer.

So if you’re looking for a slightly different accessory to make your tennis outfit stand out this summer, forget the sweatband and try a tennis bracelet instead.