Recessionary Living and the Era of Change

While researching the top lists of trends for 2009, I came across an article on ‘Recessionary Living’ and it is very interesting to me that there is always a silver lining in the dark clouds of any situation. While we all basked in the warmth of so called job security and a stable economy, we forgot common sense, loyalty, and the long lost art of discipline. Vast amounts of our hard earned money flew in many directions, with hardly a thought about where that money was landing and what/who it was funding or supporting.

Many people are excited that we are in ‘The Era of Change’. Hopefully, that change will happen within each one of us as we are enlightened. The REAL change that matters the most will be the changes that we make as individuals.

Consumers are starting to realize the importance of quality vs quantity. Maybe instead of a closet full of clothes that support sweatshop labor, you can focus on a few items that are made in the USA, not only because the quality is superior, but you will also be supporting jobs in America; you will be supporting your neighbors’ jobs and the companies that hire them. Maybe, just maybe, we will understand that all the “things” won’t make us happy. Real value comes from the relationships in our lives and how we interact with the world around us. We can all grow in this area. How can we use our money to make things better, not only for ourselves, but also for our country and the world around us?

Only you can answer that question for your particular situation. For me, I find that making that extra effort to find products that are American made and organic make me feel that I am contributing in a positive way. I try to support local companies as much as possible, and not just the cookie cutter stores popping up everywhere you look. Call me old fashioned, but don’t you find it odd that no matter where you go, there are the same exact stores, usually placed alongside the same exact stores? I am not saying that these stores are bad; I believe our economy thrives with diversity and an open market. However, Old Town areas and unique fashion boutiques add character to any community.

Keep your eyes and ears open to ways of supporting a better world. Change always starts with yourself!