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Dress Up Games and Fashion Shows

Fashion shows are dressup games at their very finest. Some of the many games online include virtual fashion shows, but you can have even more fun creating your own version of a fashion show – especially if you have friends over or a sister or two to play along.

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Flora and Fashion

These days floral print is very much in fashion. In the fashion industry it has been noticed that models have made flowers their darling bud. In fact they flaunt floral prints in their dressing which had both bohemian and spring blooms. It has been observed from a recent survey that now a days women especially younger ones are very much keen in wearing floral or flower print. Actually the thing is that flower is the essence of summer and it brings a cooling effect.

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The Arts and Fashion Scene in Beirut

A bustling and hectic city, Beirut is subject to high temperatures in the heat of summer, reaching over 35 degrees on a typical day in July. So, which better way is there to combat the heat if you’re visiting this gorgeous city than to get inside into the cool depths of an art gallery? There are plenty of them scattered around the city, and art fans can be sure that these incredible collections are at the very pinnacle of their field.

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